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Appoint Net Protect Worldwide Ltd, dba Internet Securities International, dba Takedown Media Group dba Takedown Czar, dba Trader Guard, a company registered in Hong Kong whose office is at 14 Floor China Hong Kong Tower, 8 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, to be my true and lawful non exclusive copyright agent and/or representative who will represent my interests worldwide, for me and in my stead, to do the following acts and deeds:

  1. Act as my agent or representative in all matters involving the protection of my intellectual property rights;
  2. Have full power and authority to do and perform all and every act and thing necessary for the protection of my intellectual property rights;
  3. Look into matters, inquire and/or investigate violations of my intellectual property rights;
  4. Look into matters, inquire and/or investigate those relating to the use or posting of my material or content, as owner or owner of the copyright, without my permission on the internet or on any other medium, or when it is not used or posted in accordance with the terms and conditions as agreed upon, or when it is in violation of Intellectual Property Laws;
  5. Look into matters, inquire and/or investigate stolen contents like: pictures of me or taken by me, videos of me or taken by me; games, graphics, text, applications and programs owned by me; or my profile or bio's - personal or corporate;
  6. Act as my VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) representative on Ebay in order to have auctions infringing on my copyright removed;
  7. Do all acts necessary for the purpose of removing and/or taking down the infringing material or content wherever it may be found;
  8. Send and/or receive notices on all matters relating to the takedown and/or removal of the infringing content to or from the website owner and/or their ISP or hosting company, a distributor, a publisher, and the like;
  9. Send and/or receive notices on all matters relating to the legal actions taken;
  10. Ask/request/demand from the website owner, ISP or hosting company, distributor, publisher, and the like to take down an infringing content;
  11. Send and/or receive notifications of claimed infringement, takedown, copyright protection, and the like; and
  12. Resolve and/or enter into compromise agreements on all matters related herein.

HEREBY GRANTING unto my true and legal representative full powers and authority to execute and perform every act necessary to render effective the powers as above-mentioned as my true and legal representative, as though I myself have so performed them and hereby approving that Net Protect Worldwide Ltd may do by virtue of this appointment.

All power and authority granted herein shall be in full force and effect on the date written below unless specifically rescinded by either party.             

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